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Who was I?

I used to travel the earth building news and sports stations. Then I got a masters in machine learning, and starting doing SRE work.

Who am I?

These days I focus on technology and art. I have a day job, (involving reliability, distributed systems and using ml for practical things), but that’s not really what this is about.

I’ve always been a weeb, and that is a defining component of my aesthetic, so most of my art is exploring that subculture. This is about me exploring that subculture on the bleeding edge of technology and aesthetics.

What happened to the old site?

It didn’t reflect who I was anymore. I’m no longer a ccna. I haven’t done ACSR work in a very long time. If you want to check wayback machine you can see what it was.

What’s next?

Gans and Generative Text models went from experiments during my masters, to very very popular. However, none of them solve the larger socio-economic issues with modern art.

Those two issues being:

  1. Who wants to experience the art that I am creating (where’s the audience)?

  2. How much should it cost?

For now, I’m focused on live experiences (music and visuals), also because in the world of 2023, people want to have experiences in physical space.

Current Projects

I am a firm believer you shouldn’t automate/involve technology into an art practice before you’ve learned the “traditional” ways to make thart art, even if it’s just so you understand the aesthetic traditions you are rejecting.

So currently I’m learning to DJ, VJay and AMVJay.
For the VJay part, I’m going through the course at, and the next time there is a resolume course that fits my schedule, I intend to take it. For DJ practice I’m learning to livestream in ffxiv in my free companies dance floor. For AMVJay, I’m getting back into amv curration, and figuring out a tagging system that works for the hybrid art form.

Future Projects

LLM cowriting an RPG with me. I’m working on a Zine style self published rpg that will never be available in digital form, but was created extremely digitally.

Trying to Automate Anime Music Videos (so I can watching infinite amvs forever).

Introducing Generative art trained on anime images into a vjay workflow.